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Bitcoin Leaders and Influencers

matthew-r-kratter.pngMatthew R. Kratter
Bitcoin Educator
lyn-alden-twitter.jpgLyn Alden
Founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy
saifedean-ammous-twitter.jpgSaifedean Ammous
Author, "Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking"
andreas-antonopoulos-twitter.jpgAndreas M. Antonopoulos
Best-selling author, speaker, educator
plan-b-twitter.jpgPlan B
Dutch institutional investor with a legal and quantitative finance background
adam-back-twitter.jpgAdam Back
Co-Founder and CEO at BlockStream
marty-bent-twitter.jpgMarty Bent
Editor in Chief of "Marty's Bent" newsletter, host of "Tales from the Crypt" podcast
jeff-booth-thumbnail.jpgJeff Booth
Entrepreneur, tech leader, author of 'The Price of Tomorrow'
vijay-boyapati-twitter.jpgVijay Boyapati
Senior Software Engineer at Peach Inc.
robert-breedlove-twitter.jpgRobert Breedlove
Founder & CEO of Parallax Digital
nic-carter-twitter.jpgNic Carter
Co-founder and chairman of Coin Metrics
heavily-armed-clown-twitter.jpgHeavily Armed Clown
Twitter commentator
jack-dorsey-twitter.jpgJack Dorsey
Co-founder of Twitter, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Square
yassine-elmandjra-twitter.jpgYassine Elmandjra
Analyst at ARK Investment Management LLC
allen-farrington-twitter.jpgAllen Farrington
writer, uncerto.com
Alex-Gladstein-twitter.jpgAlex Gladstein
Chief Strategy Officer at Human Rights Foundation. Faculty at Singularity University. Advisor at Blockchain Capital
Author of 21Lessons.com
dan-held-twitter.jpgDan Held
Growth lead at Kraken
max-keiser-twitter.jpgMax Keiser
Co-host, Orange Pill Podcast & Keiser Report, Co-founder, Heisenberg Capital
parker-lewis-twitter.jpgParker Lewis
Head of Business Development at Unchained Capital
stephan-livera-twitter.jpgStephan Livera
Bitcoin podcaster, Co-Founder of Ministry of Nodes, and Partner with Bitcoiner Ventures
caitlin-long-twitter.jpgCaitlin Long
Founder and CEO at Avanti Bank & Trust
mike-mcglone-twitter.jpgMike McGlone
Senior Commodity Strategist - Bloomberg Intelligence
samson-mow-twitter.jpgSamson Mow
CSO at Blockstream, CEO at Pixelmatic
preston-pysh-twitter.jpgPreston Pysh
Ethics based leader, entrepreneur, and international bestselling author
pierre-rochard-twitter.jpgPierre Rochard
Co-founder the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
michael-saylor-twitter.jpgMichael Saylor
Founder and Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy
john-vallis-twitter.jpgJohn Vallis
Host, Bitcoin Rapid-Fire Podcast

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